Wednesday, 20 May 2009


So I did mean to post at *SOME* point, but I...yeah.

Um, so in the last two weeks, I have mostly watched a lot more Lost (FINALE! AHHH! etc), got the photos from Sandra for the print she was doing, as mentioned a couple of posts back, and then this weekend Kim came there's some stuff to tell there.

I'm gonna post about stuff, bit by bit, in the next few days, but starting tomorrow probs. And I should be posting a little more regularly since most of the shows I watch finished in the last couple of weeks and there's nothing to distract me/to get excited about watching (well, there's a few episodes of Make Me A Supermodel left, I think theres an episode of Ugly Betty left, and The Fashion Show has just started, albeit in crappy quality. Hmph.....and I'm still watching old Lost and getting up to speed on Supernatural....but yeah. *shifty*).

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