Friday, 10 February 2012

minus 6.

It's been three times as cold as that. I've gone through the fur-coat-wearing period (that thing is falling apart, and I don't think it'll make it through another winter. Sob.) and am out the other side, to the trench-with-lots-of-layers period. Which is hard cos the sleeves are quite small, so once there are layers, there's not much room to bend and stretch. Ho hum.

reality studio scarf//vintage fur collar+burberry trench+boots//asos dress//H&M necklace//
zara jumper//belt = present//2 pairs of tights and 2 pairs of socks and still chilly toes.

Big quiff, huh?

1 comment:

Mam said...

Beautiful. Love that you are wearing your Christmas pressie :) xx