Monday, 20 June 2011

GFW: Nottingham Trent

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Notts is renowned for their knitwear - Wonjee Chung and Rory Longdon's knit based collections both scooped awards (the knitwear award and the coveted gold award, respectively), but I'll hold them back for the Gala post - and some knit collections i liked are here, as well as some non-knits.

Georgia Lee showed black and layering with big shoulder treatments; but of course it's look 3 and it's long sheer shirt/cropped jumper combo that got me interested. Kristabel Plummer's collection of colourful and intricate knits intrigued me - the colours are gorgeous (sheer pleated burgundy skirt, anyone?) and the shapes are lovely. Lauren Stevenson's collection was oddly proportioned (it worked) and wonderfully layered, with some really interesting pieces - whether the trousers in look one had pockets that were sleeves, or cuffs in the same fabric to create that illusion doesn't really matter; it's clever either way.
Asher Sydenham showed chunky, graphic and textural knit pieces which were really different to anything else i can remember seeing - the jumper in look 5 confuses and delights me; the kind of piece that really makes me admire what you can do with knitwear. Anneliese Hatt's girls had butterflies for mouths and cocoon shapes around them - especially a fan of the dip-dyed pencil skirt. Alexandra Gardner also showed cocoon-y shapes, but by way of pleating and draping rather than structured leather. the first two looks were especially strong (and covetable...)
finally, Alice Wedge showed a memorable all red collection, with lots of shoulder structure. the problem with all-one-colour collections is often, the looks blend into each other, but Alice's pieces each have their own voice; something that makes them unique - lots of drape from the shoulders, or the joined sleeves in look 6. plus, the ball headpieces are fun.

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