Sunday, 20 March 2011

spiky situations.

i clearly have no time to be making random things but this appeared on tommy ton's fashion week photos...

...and then this happened.

basically, i bought a hair comb from fenwicks haberdashery (i assume any haberdashery will have them...?) and some studs
from ebay, cut some strips of leather i had lying about and superglued everything together.
ok... a little more to it than that, but not much.

make sure to get screw in studs.
make a hole for each stud in one piece of the leather. (i had 3 strips - you can see the pen lines from where i was trying to place them evenly on the top but, yknow, whatever.)
push the stud through; tighten the screw.
when all the studs are through, superglue the other two strips to the studded strip and then glue the whole thing to the comb.

more ways to wear:

the thing about it is, it's heavy. if you, like me, like things off centre (and don't plan on wearing it like a little tiara thing, pic #2), it's best to backcomb/hairspray the section you're putting it in to give it something to hold on to, and stick some bobby pins underneath it so it can't slide out. (that's what i've done in the first pic).


Genevieve said...

I love this! I guess I need to find some leather and studs! Or maybe I could try thumbtacks! (not sure how well that would work)

Anonymous said...

Nice, like it!