Sunday, 6 March 2011

haiders gonna haid.

couldn't help myself; many apologies.
haider ackermann, anyone?

back in business.
long time readers might recall my luke warm reception to s/s11, before which i was a huge fan, but when the man can make satin look so sturdy (#7 + #8; srsly), drape leather as if it weighs nothing and mash up colours that shouldn't really go (#5), as well as making shiny shiny fabrics in rich colours look really expensive and high fash-un, it's probably time to bow down to the master, amiright?

very few people could make me covet shiny trousers.

there's a lot of banter in paris about a) who's to replace galliano at dior and b) ackermann going to chanel when lagerfeld retires next year. personally - if only going by this collection - i reckon the dior job is much more suited to ackermann's style, and chanel should probably be better off in the hands of lanvin's alber elbaz, or someone to that effect. thoughts?


tale of interest: if this is true, then maybe the royal wedding is worth paying attention to after all? i'd rather have the day at uni given that it's not long before the show, but WHATEVER, ROYALS.

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