Thursday, 10 February 2011

kick off.

oh joy of joys, it's fashion month* is on it already with a bunch of shows and presentations, but of specific interest is organic by john patrick, as illustrated below:

no individual piece thrilled me straight away, but the layering and cobweb knits are
dead good.
that leather skirt/slouchy grey jumper combo is about to be copied IRL. like, tomorrow. oh yes.


- we are in the process of raising money for our degree lookbook and are selling some postcards of a bunch of illustrations and suchlike from my classmates (none are mine, i'm in charge of online promotion by choice. cos i love the social networking), and you can buy them here if you're so inclined.

- got my dissertation marks back. 74%. pow.


*that sounds like i'm not excited. i irrational need to see every look means more time out of my day that i can't really afford. which is why my blog reading either takes up most of my saturday or means i wander into uni about 11ish. ho hum.

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MargieF said...

tweed, black lace and blazers! love it all. especially those three things. if i could find a long black lace skirt i would be a very happy lady