Saturday, 5 February 2011


two weeks, no posting. *shrug*
in which i done a trip to london and had a short what-i-call 'sad spell', which i dug myself out of by listening to the smiths and then watching an awful lot of QI, followed by happyfriendtimes in uni on monday. 4th year is actually lots of fun.

of course, sadtimes mostly involve looking as good as you feel, i.e. not very, so it was tuesday before i went 'I AM HAPPY AND AWESOME AND SHALL DRESS AS SUCH' upon crawling out of bed. cue beret.
also it was sunny, as you may notice.

it is now, of course, saturday, because i am very punctual when uploading photos.

vintage jacket+belt+pearly hat pin//2nd hand denim shirt//asos skirt+boots//beret off of australia//H&M ring

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