Wednesday, 6 October 2010

lanvin s/s11.

this is the third day in a row i've brought my macbook into the studio and the second day in a row i've blogged when i've needed a break from drawing, cutting and sticking. loving my life.

on to lanvin - in many ways this was a typical lanvin collection, but there's something more here. i wonder if it's the colour palette and fabrication, even though neither are more (or less) sophisticated than the usual; and are still as 'lanvin' as any other season.
all the lanvin hallmarks - the rounded and oft oversized shoulders, the liquid silks, the ultra-feminine feel - are there, but this time alber elbaz has, i think, dialled down the girly. as i said, the ultra-feminine is going nowhere, but this time alber is the right side of that thin line between girly-feminine just plain feminine.
in fact, i will quote heavy heels when she said; "Normally, Lanvin is a bit too feminine and frothy for my tastes, but this season it's one of my favourites. The fabrics, silhouettes, colours, accessories and even the styling is superb." - quite right.
saccharine sweet just isn't cricket.

imgs from

the liquid skirts in stunning shades - bright, but not overbearing - and great shapes in other pieces are gorgeous. and note, another swimsuit i loved. (see: michael kors. infact, refer to that post for some similar points. this is a grown up collection; and one not typically aimed at a 21 year old charity shop addict, but i have the wants all the same)

might i add; the racer cut dress about halfway down = perfection.

i was a little passive over lanvin x H&M, but if there's anything akin to this i will be ALL OVER THAT SHIT.

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