Saturday, 18 September 2010

michael kors s/s11.

i don't imagine that 21 year old students with limited funds are mr kors intended customer - nay, he's always designed for the 'resort' set; those who "summer" in the hamptons and whose wardrobe consists of a variation of swimwear, loungewear and evening gowns - but i couldn't care less. bright colours and simple cuts that are crying out for some layering were abound, and i need the white swimsuit with the tan strapping in my life POSTHASTE.

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also the grey turtleneck dress; and the black asymm number which might be the most perfect example of the mullet dress that i've seen. how cool is the grass print, too?
although, not in to the flat platform shoes (?) or the hat shapes much...

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L said...

This collection was wonderful! I loved the colours (particularily the green and yellow), the draping and the cuts. Poor Olga looked a little uncomfortable in that green dress, though.