Sunday, 3 October 2010

gareth pugh s/s11.

i'm a big fan of this graphic. it's like an army of robots, from grey to silver, with a big checky one in the middle. vidi:

imgs from

a palette of varying shades of grey, plus black, silver, with a splash of white now and then, plus those shapes that pugh has become renowned for (A-line dresses, jackets and coats, skinny tailored trousers and leggings, the occasional bodycon dress) makes for a pretty standard; almost expected collection. i feel like i've seen all these pieces before (i even went back to check this was the latest collection), but then they all feel new, too.
but then, even an expected pugh collection is one which will please his fans (of which i am one). currently adoring: anything in that black/white or grey/white check, anything sheer over anything panelled, and the fit and flare silver number with long sleeves (♥) and black inserts on the inner arm. gorgeous.

sidenote: whaddup, x factor? some crazy-ass judging going on there.

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