Tuesday, 28 September 2010


i just had the most wonderful hour long nap, but now i feel all disoriented. like i should be doing something but i can't figure out what (it's probably uni work. though that is the reason i'm so damn tired anyway. also the reason for the quiet front on this here blog.)

in addition to being in some half awake/half asleep state, i am also donning approx 23 layers, for it is COLD up in this house; but today i thought rather less layers would be a good idea (because uni is warm, and i assume they make it warm so we won't want to leave.)

mentally add my parka to this outfit for cycling-in-the-rain purposes, plus backpack full of uni malarky and tote bag full of sketchbooks and fabric. ho-hum.

topshop skirt//H&M croptop+necklace//asos boots//2nd hand blouse+jacket

god forbid that button should fall open; uni in september is not the place for such midriff bearing. not if your skirt is that short, anyways.

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黃愛玲 said...

Your blog inspires me. I love it. =o)