Saturday, 25 September 2010

marios schwab s/s11

this is a few days old.

imgs from

i worried a little, at first. i'm a schwab fan, after all, and some looks came out looking decidedly... well, like vintage lingerie pieces i could pick up on ebay for a fiver.
but then some cut outs stepped out.
and we saw some leather dresses with lace trim and contrast panels.
and some witch-y, pentogram-y vibes, and some tattoo-esque print details, and some harnesses...

i don't think it was until the mid-blue dress with the black lace cut outs and the little belt walked out that i said "yes".
the good outweighs the questionable, and this is a great collection. it's the pieces such as said blue dress, the black number next to it, and the black gown at the end, which all straddle the lingerie/dress line really finely that work best (although the hard leather pieces with the subtle lace trims work so well, too).
really stepping away from the rest of the trends that are wafting about (although i guess the cutouts can be popped into the sheer category) but really working for me..

not the "kristen stewart in the runaways" hair, though. am i alone in thinking no one wants to look like k-stew? girl needs to cheer up.


Clare said...

These are gorgeouuuuuusssss!



Siobhan said...

EXACT same thought re: the hair. Waaay too much K-Stew/Runaways involvement there. Didn't look good then, doesn't look good now.