Tuesday, 21 September 2010

lfw snapshot.

aka hannah marshall, charles anastase and topshop unique, thrown together because i only pulled a couple o' looks from each...

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hannah marshall
great sheers, high button up collars (and double collars) and the dark greys were lovely.

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charles anastase
i curse the internet for not having better pics of the mustard wedges(?). but yeah, again with the sheer and the buttons and the collars, yknow...i'm seeing a theme. that's why they call em trends, jenn.

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topshop unique
didn't like it anywhere near as much as their last collection, but the shoes are pretty great, and i could recreate that first look RIGHT NOW from my own wardrobe, which i always appreciate.

gosh, those were quick and snappy 'reviews', what? already with the ton of uni work; do expect a rise in the amount of outfit posts, and a possible drop in the number of words and/or posts for the next 9 months. big apologies; if you have a problem please take it up with the 4th year fashion design programme, kthnx.

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