Monday, 20 September 2010

house of holland s/s11

my good friend daniel won't thank me for this, since he's a holland-hater, but this season's HOH had some great looks. vidi:

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course, you might notice i pulled only the pleated looks (also known as all the pleated looks), but the sun-ray pleated skirts in metallic shades and the floating dresses were gorgeous - especially the first two looks, paired with the oversized brocade affair.
House of Holland is always one of the most fun shows to see, and i always find the collections hit and miss - the good things are awesome and so very wearable (see above), but the bad have a tacky air which doesn't sit right with me. why something can't be fun without teetering over into tacky i'm not sure, but the metallic star patterned pieces were, in the words of tim gunn, "a little costume-y".

seriously considering seeking out one of the skirt, probably in the dark pink or gold, next spring. will, of course, see what the bank account says.

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