Monday, 6 September 2010

craving: river island.

oh elle.
elle; elle; elle.

firstly: you've brought on old age. this isn't really your fault, but i spent last night reading October's Elle whilst listening to jazz and eating a chocolate bar*. wearing fresh pyjamas. in bed. with clean sheets on. after having washed my hair and re-painted my nails - basically, generally being content with being clean and in bed by 10 on a sunday evening. i think it's the jazz part that's lulling me into old age. i'd quite welcome going straight from education to retirement at this point. reading fashion magazines and listening to Nina Simone all day every day sounds perfect.

secondly: your 'style for less' supplement is all well and good, but it is really 2 weeks early. meaning, there's loads of stuff i want but can't afford yet. THANKS. NO, REALLY.

one shop whose stuff they featured loads of was river island (the below bag and first lace up, high heeled boots definitely feature, though i've seen/coveted the buckle+shearling boots elsewhere). i never go into the newcastle store, because none of the actually awesome things from the website are in there - clearly the newcastle river island clientele are not in the awesome-boot-sequin-bag business. but they should be. here are some things i want and hope are still in store when i get money.

ok, i don't want ALL of these things - the sequin backpack is amazing but 60 quid is a bit steep - but i definitely have the collared body (!!!!), the leopard socks (my H&M ones are threatening me with threadbare) and the shearling boots bookmarked. i don't own any dark brown boots. SELL OUT AT YOUR PERIL, BOOTS.

oh, and the cream chelsea-clog-boot-things, which might be THE boots. i haven't decided yet. they're considerably more clog-gy and high heeled than the ones i have pictured, but they are severely awesome.

but the high heeled hiking boots, and the peep toe clog affairs, and the snakeskin heels......
i hope a bunch of these go to sale so i can afford them. YOU HEAR ME, SHOES?


*got a Twix Fino. they are good; just fyi.

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its worth saving up for surely?!!