Sunday, 1 August 2010

blog sale day.


if you're reading this, it means it's been at least 2 weeks since the blog sale! i didn't sell much (boo!) but i still need money (also boo!) and since then i have yet more stuff to get rid of. luckily for you, i love ebay. continue along this link to find my ebay store, which is regularly updated. and in order to make you consider looking EVEN MORE, i'll tell you this:

when i was in london, i was looking for fabrics for my final collection (yes, as well as shopping. and researching). i did, in fact, stumble upon the MOST PERFECT AND AMAZING fabric which i desperately want to use - but lo, it is £70 a metre. buying awesome clothes i have no room for = helping me make my collection/fabric-y dreams come true. you know it makes sense.

that link again! MY EBAY. GOGOGO.

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