Sunday, 25 July 2010

amazing world of ebay; 25/7

the 70s edition, i guess. check out these platforms!

(1), (2), (3) and (4) would be the platform shoe section, of course, where you can find Marilyn boots, brocade wedges, and other delights. or you could take the more sensible (?) duck egg blue desert boots option (6).

a bright yellow kaftan (5) and multicoloured AND fringe detailed jacket (8) bring the hippie brights, and while
(9) might be a lot more 80s - with its graphic print and batwing sleeves - it was also too awesome/odd to leave it out.

7&10 were just for fun, and for your sheer fill - whether a waistband in a boyfriend jacket (courtesy of last week's spotlight shop, funkin junkie') (10), or a sportswear suit affair (in two separate auctions - the jacket (7a) and the shorts (7b)).

next week, ebay takes a back seat as the worldwide blog sale takes over, as mentioned here!

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