Saturday, 12 June 2010



designer of note: Graeme Armour

SS 10
I didn't recognise the name, but the ruffle shorts... the ruffle shorts I recognised.
this is spring/summer - black, white, gold. leather. jersey.
the gold leather in the collection I could take or leave, other than the second look above, which is a case of 'armour by name, armour by design', non?
I'm not a shiftdress girl, but a white jersey or black leather version with a waist-high zip is an interesting twist and is making es reconsider.

all imgs from glamour online

AW10 is recognisably Graeme's work - vidi the ruffles - but with seasonal staples. by which I mean, the odd jumper. also some sheer; and you know how I feel about that. leather vest; leather hood; loose knit tunic; cycling shorts*: A+

*note to self: must purchase some of interest for underneath dresses/skirts/etc; totally essensh for bike riding.

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Anonymous said...

The trousers are so wierd, but kind of cool...
L x