Sunday, 16 May 2010

you can write, but you can't edit

What print media still had over the internet is editorials. Sites like Fashion156 and other online magazines may have shoots, but glossy mags and Sunday supplements still have a hold over fashion houses and which brands they advertise.
Fashion editorials need to both advertise and capture the imagination*, but often they don't hit this mark, with me at least. They need certain elements. They need to make me stop at the page.

from Numeró #91
The mood.
Couldn't tell you the clothes used here; if even they are clothes and not just bits o' fabric, but the mood, the feel, the ethereal-ness of it, is stunning.

from Numeró #111
The styling.
OK, this is the things that grabs me. Everytime. It's the only thing I really care about in editorials - if the clothes or the way they're put together bores me; so does the editorial. I want to be inspired. I want to want the piece because it looks so good. If nothing else, I want to see fantastical and interesting looks .

from Vogue Korea

Anja Rubik in Vogue Spain

Even the plainest shoot (this Vogue Spain one, for example...) which is literally a model standing in front of a white or cream background, can be interesting and inspiring given the right styling (in this case, I'm wanting a poofy skirt, big jumper and a patterned scarf, please.).

But so many these days are "page-flickers". I haven't bought a magazine in about a year, but I see editorials from magazines the world over scanned in online, and I find everything so DONE.
I'm like, hey, magazines, I hear your sales are dwindling in this digital age, mebs you should swish it up a bit? Stand out? Bring back the imagination, you guys.

So yeah, what draws you in to an editorial?

all images from fashion gone rogue

*in that vein, and re: the whole Terry Richardson debacle, which I won't get into cos other people have done it and said pretty much what I'd have said, but his style, and similar "hey let's get some models naked!" type shoots, do absolutely nothing for me. It's not selling me anything, and it's not artistic, and it's not influencing me in any way, it's just....exploitative and boring. Even if he wasn't a horrible excuse for a person, his "artistic vision" is just so...blah.

And similarly Vice's editorials bore me. Not in the same vein, AT ALL, but they're often...just...uninspired. Even though I'm s'posed to be on side and all; soz & chips. SWISH IT UP A BIT.

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1 comment:

Bryony said...

They definitely do need to swish it up!!! I hate Vogue with a passion...its crap...Im subscribed and I havent even opened the last 2 issues cos I know what Im gonna find!!! Rubbish and stupid high society people that I dont even know anything about telling me about their friends awesome wedding to some other rich toff BORING!!!

Rant over, lol