Wednesday, 5 May 2010

full on g

topshop cardi+jeans//HOH for Debenhams top//M&S bra//Priceless boots//various necklaces, probs all H&M cos that's how I roll

Quote Bailey: "Jen, I can see your bra"
I know Bailey, I am wearing a sheer top, it is to be expected.

The hair side-plait thing (Evidence you can do a lot with short hair, ouioui?) was my version of cornrows after a thrilling facebook status comment in which my coursemates said it would cheer up their workload blues if I came in in a pimp hat for hand in. I don't own a pimp hat, and this saddens me. Note to self; buy feather, attach to hat.

My bike bell just came. The noise it makes is most pleasing.
And I have finished my work, so perhaps more posting now? Perhaps, I say, cos I'm off down my Dad's this weekend cos he's only gone and had a birthday today, hasn't he. Less blogging, more "being in the country".


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Clare said...

I love your hair, and I want your boots...

tweet tweet tweet


mam said...

Oh you didnt say you were going to your dad' tell me nowt :( Have fun x

Kylie said...

Aww is that last comment really from your mum?? How sweet! haha! I love the sheer top and seriously APPLAUDE you for your bravery. I've got a few sheer tops in my closet that I'd love to wear with just a nice bra underneath but I didn't know if it would just look like I forgot an undershirt if you get what I mean. Anyways, you look fab and that's all there is to it!


Side Street Style said...

Ooooh I love this outfit...abit rocky.indie with an edge and I love the topshop cardi!!!! Also the accessories are great...oh by the way went for sushi on sunday and it was sushi...looking fwd to your review :)