Sunday, 14 March 2010

gareth pugh and ackermann, too

And so we come to Paris roundups...

I have 80+ pics to go through, so I'm probbbbably doing it in 3 parts. Beginning with the faves; below.
There's a lot of leathuuur up in here; and I am loving it. A lot.

Haider Ackermann
One of my favourite designers anyway; but of all the shows this season, this is the one I pulled the most looks from.
The cut and drape of the leather and suede is stunning; the colours refined; the proportions unconventional but (/and) stunning.
Loving just everything about look 9 - the shades, the proportions, the shapes; gah. And the lace/leather affair in look 10! Unusual, of course, but wonderful. I can't talk this up enough. Ackermann has more than cemented his place as a fave of mine, for realz.

Gareth Pugh
Pugh has gone leather jacket mental this season; giving Rick Owens (and, I guess, Mr Ackermann up thur) a run for their money, indeed. Every jacket here is refined and wearable but also unique and interesting, and with that added Pugh flair. What I loved here, too, were the combination of leathers with floatier, draped fabrics in looks 4 and 5, and the chain embellishment in look 10.
He's struck the balance beautifully, bang in between the avant garde fayre he normally walks out and actual sale-able pieces. Kudos.

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Dana said...

I <3 gray leather. So so so much!