Thursday, 4 March 2010

all blacks

Some notes:
- this week has been well busy - had a hand in at uni yesterday innit
- the busy continues, but now it's social...going to see A Single Man (FINALLY) with my mam later, then GAGA YEAHBOIIIIIIIII
- I have been wearing some crackin' outfits this week
- they are all black, pretty much, and as such don't photograph well. Hello, severely edited pics....

H&M jacket//Uniqlo cardi//thrifted blouse//vintage dress+belt//Zara boots

DIYed scarf//thrifted jacket+belt+trousers//hoodie off of placement//vintage top//Topshop shoes+ring//blouse as before

H! by Henry Holland blouse//Topshop socks//Dorothy Perkins shoes//jacket+hoodie+dress+scarf+belt, as before

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1 comment:

mam said...

Sorry angel xxx