Saturday, 13 February 2010

one whole toile

Updating on the ol' uni marlark - my toile is finished and fitted to my model (Kate, whose been about on this 'ere blog before... I'll post her fully styled and stuff; our crit is on the 24th.)

Soo yeah, I guess this is what my final look is gonna be (Victor&Rolf inspired; Andrew* off of my class sez it reminds him of Valentino, so I guess it's some sort of marriage of them. It turned out different but much more awesome than I could've imagined - hopefully I can recreate it with better handstitching in the next week. If my fabrics for the underdress turn up. Fingers crossed; I've requested samples so hopefully they'll get here for Tuesday and I can pick them and order them and they'll come for the end of the week. It's all go!)

Pleats, lines, closeups and complete toile...

By the way, if you're vaguely interested, I usually twitpic and tweet about my progress (asif anyone cares) throughout the day on a Tuesday, so yknow,
follow my twitter for such information. I'll do the same throughout the portfolio part next term and of course throughout 4th year....

* You can see Andrew in the background in the last 2 pics!

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Madame G said...

Jen, it's gorgeous. Can't wait to see the finished garment!

jenn said...

XD thanks! hopefully i'll be able to pull out some mad hand sewing skills...fingers crossed =/

ELLE said...

It looks amazing! I want it!