Thursday, 18 February 2010

magic shorts

Pure CBA to link the posts re:the chiffon shorts, but scroll down a bit, you'll find em'.

But they are magic; fact.
In the sense that, yesterday (errr, Tuesday, since it's after midnight) I wore em to the Topshop opening and today (Weds) I wore them..yknow, to uni, out&about.

Anyways, this is the shot of me at the Topshop opening as shot by Jackie Dixon off o
f SHOW ME YOUR WARDROBE for Topshop (big thanks guyssss).

I find it amusing cos I wasn't wearing one bit of TS.
oh yeah - necklace&leggings; H&M//jacket; ebay//dress&shorts; vintage//boots; Priceless - but it's pretty much what I had on in one of the dhorts-styling shots anyways...

Oh, and today, a girl stopped me to grab a pic, saying she has a blog! (Guess nutstyle has competition; although, I say that, I haven't updated in nearly a month and someone should probs take over the reigns...)

Anyways, I did ask her the site but I didn't write it down and now I can't remember - style north or something?? ARGH! If one of you lot has heard of it, do lemme know. It's a blogspot, I know that. Pretty sure the name ends in North too. I will track down this site!!

EDIT: FOUND IT!!!! Fashion Looks North - I got on there to find me already up (XD) and also me good mate Lucie above me! Currently going through to find any other friends and acquaintances....

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1 comment:

mam said...

And I'll say it again - this pic is AWESOME!!! I love the pose, it's your very own Blue Steel ;)