Thursday, 18 February 2010

life imitating art: crazy powdered catwalk hair

Whey, this is a first.
A hair/beauty post.
Something me and Ana were gonna attempt sometime; mimicking crazed catwalk 'dos that probs wouldn't work in real life. But she's not here, so you've just go me looking like an eejit.

Couture and A/W shows have thrown up some interesting looks, not least from Dior Couture and Cheap Monday...

So, the gist is, big quiff and a bit of powder, right? Simple enough.
Big quiffs I can do.

Srsly, quiffs are simple; the easiest thing you can do. You've seen my hair; it's stupidly short. As long as you've got some hair around the front of your head, you should be fine. Just backcomb it till it sticks up on end (leave it like that if you're going for the Dior look...), then fold it back and pin it down. Then hairspray it. Lots.

Now, powder?
OK, confession.
I have no dry shampoo; no...well...anything. My deodorant doesn't leave white spots. All I had was flour.
Yeah, flour.

Yeah, exactly.
OK, so, in all honesty, with a bit more eyeliner and a lot less flour on the face it might've worked out, right?
I don't mind the white streak in the quiff; infact I'm quite a fan.
But you try getting flour onto a comb and combing it through. And getting it to stay. And not getting it everywhere.

So, in short, if you're gonna try this, try it right. The white face lines looked pretty cool for Cheap Monday, but unless you've got some white facepaint or something lying about; best not have a bash.

But with the trend for coloured hair, why not go crazy and have a random coloured strip in your fringe?

At this rate the 90s trend will deffo come roaring back, and we'll all be hoarding hair mascara.
Scuse me, simply must dash down the shop and buy some in some nice pastels...

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Anonymous said...


mam said...

Did you not have any talc either?? Looks good though ;)

Retro Chick said...

Ha that's brilliant!

I might not put flour on my hair, I like the quiff though!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, that is genius. who knew flour was a good hair product- answer no-one ha!

And on the hair mascara subject, I had it in a sprout green colour. It was beautiful.