Tuesday, 9 February 2010


This is quite the first and a bit of a 'blast from the past' affair for me.
See, this is a post on a photographer, who takes wonderful fashion shots. One whom I've followed for a long, long time, way before the days of the blog, and it never did occur to me to post about him.

Lemme take you back, back to the days when I graced deviantART.

Actually, there's not much to tell. Apart from getting to the final in a Project Runway-esque illustration contest, I was never big on the dA scene. But I did follow user
hakanphotography from an early point. Recently I popped back on dA to see what was shaking, and in my inbox/updatey thing were, well, a lot of things, but most notably a bunch of shots by Istanbul-born Hakan (fully known as Akif Hakan Celebi) who also has his own website + portfolio which is definitely worth a look.

What most stood out about these shots, and made me go think "whyyyy did I not think about this before?!" was this:

Recognise the pieces?
Them's Ada Zanditon -
as featured on ventures previously...

All images are toootally copyright hakan, dudes.

What I was drawn to in his photos - why I started following him in the first place - was the treatment he gives the photos. Everything about them pops; the colours are stunning, the locations wonderful, the pieces photographed are often up and coming designers, the styling & hair & makeup achieved by his team always perfect....seriously wanting to try some of them out. And you might've noticed I'm not a big makeup experimenter. Nor hair, other than colour. It's too short to do much with....

Anyways, if you're a dA member, you could do much worse than keep an eye on him.

While you're here, these are some of his Fashion collectives (although, they aren't complete so do look at his whole gallery. I mean, Slave to Fashion has about 27 in the series but only 3 in the file below...)

Fashion Is Image
Slave To Fashion

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Madame G said...

I've seen a few of his photos on various sites over the years, but seeing lots altogether is very inspiring x