Friday, 22 January 2010

snakes & mcqueen

I meant to post today
and I didn't get around to it
but then this popped up, and I had to post it.
So I guess the previous two lines are pointless.

Alexander McQueen. S/S10. campaign shot. Racquel Zimmerman (if you can find her betwixt them snakes). Nick Knight.

Look, there she is!

Stunning colours.
Stunning patterns; in the snakes and such.
But....a little....I mean....OK, as a photograph, I can't fault it. Not a bit. But as an advert?
You can hardly see the outfit (ignoring the fact that neither the outfit nor shoe chosen were the fiercest from the show...), so surely the point of the ad is null and void?

I was gonna say 'it's not selling McQueen to me', but that implies I need an advert to want me some McQueen. And surely we all know that couldn't be farther from the truth?
Hmm. I dunno.

In other news...
This week has been pretty awesome in terms of theinternetz; I have you guys to thank for some of these things....
I turned in my first column for NU:Life, the Northumbria magazine (it was well received), and set up nutstyle (link to the right!), and became a Vice mag ambassador, AND got the most views/comments on the blog ever! Geeeee guyyyyyyys! Thanks and stuff and junk, loveeee for you all!

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