Thursday, 21 January 2010


Boosh reference? IDK. Not up to thinking up a witty title today; I have half tonsillitis (one massively inflamed tonsil, one normal one. Chicken soup and coffee and cake and watching Sabrina with Luke&Dean is helping.)

Enough of my illness though.
Some design-y stuff instead - today, taking a look at JAlvo's etsy store (where all these images are from!)...

These pieces are pretty interesting (love the way the striped are matched up and the sheer panelling on the leggings):

...but JAlvos strength lies in their outerwear/overwear (cardis and the like) - as demonstrated in the studded blue number up top, and these draped, twisted, asymmetric affairs below. The variation of pieces is awesome, but everything is brought to a more casual level with the fabrication - the kinda tailored jacket in the third look is made from a sweat jersey.

I like this kinda... juxtaposition (?) of fabrics - a tailored or otherwise 'dressy' look in a jersey always brings it down to a sportier level.

It's something I'm looking into in my uni work - an evening/showpiece kinda look made of jersey (with a sweat underdress) and tulle. Main inspiration would be fishing nets and Victor&Rolf. Pretty awesome, hopefully. But in seafoam blue? Trying not to let it look too Tinkerbell-y.

This is my absolute favourite piece though - a grey jersey sweat which fastens to an almost corset-esque look, and then opens to a Rick Owens-y drape - LOVE. Thems some excellent pattern cutting skills.

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