Friday, 15 January 2010

heal-ing colours

This is practically topical, given that I burnt my hand on some wax yesterday. In that I accidentally splashed properly hot wax on the bit of skin between my thumb and finger and it really fucking hurts. Owwwww.

On top of that, it's really ridiculously gloomy and rainy and dark and crappy outside, and heal's S/S10 collection is all kinda of cheery and it's making me happy to look at it in this state in this weather.

Mmm, stripes and bright reds and blues and greens! I adore that red maxi dress, and all the detailing!

I have super love for the hair too; I think I'd be giving this a go if I had long hair!

Shell ring = hot. I totally have one!
Mine's a bit small for me though, and it's so fragile...I consider selling it every time I do an ebay selling type affair but I just can't part with it...

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