Monday, 21 December 2009

a christmassy christmastime

Photo-heavy post alert!


I believe this is Cat's plate o' food. Yeah I made all that - homemade cranberry sauce, homemade apple sauce, a big-ass chicken and a pork joint too. Everyone was reet happy, and shovelled it down and all we had left was enough chicken to make a couple of toasties the next day.

In the spirit of 'Jenn's family christmas' which is what I essentially forced on my unsuspecting housemates, there were stupid games a-plenty after dinner, including peas. Which involves dry peas and straws.
A minute to move as many peas from one plate to the other, in 2 teams of 4 - Auntie Kath would be proud! (I hope you read this Auntie K!)

Me, Aaron and Cat ended up at Jukebox; there were loads of folk we knew there. Excellent and most spontaneous night, I heard.

And again, in the spirit of a family chrimbo; the obligatory family photo. In the snow. VERY FESTIVE. (and cold.)
Plus, of course, some candids.

Merry Christmas!

(and a big ol' happy 21st to my friend/ex-housemate/treasured reader Deanne, whose birthday it is today. Obvs. :D)


mam said...

awwww what a good family night! #2, being as you 'real' family night had already been...and we have another to go :D

K8 said...

you guys look like so much fun! You must be a pretty stellar cook girl.
Anyway, I haven't read American Psycho, but I've seen the movie which was amazing. I can totally understand how it could be literature seeped in fashion. If you haven't seen the movie, you totally should. One of Christian Bale's best!
Happy Holidays :)