Sunday, 1 November 2009

150 posts; a celebration

We'll celebrate with Pumpkin Soup!
Made on Wednesday, while Ana was here:

We cut the top off, scrooped out the pulp and cut out the flesh; then roasted the flesh with a little cinnamon and seasoning on top. (We threw away the pulp, anyone know what we could have done with it?? We dried out all the seeds too; pumpkin seeds are yummy.)

Once roasted, we boiled some water and then hand blended the pumpkin into it and simmered away. Added some cream, and some herbs (a dash of curry powder, some fresh coriander) and continued to stir and simmer until it was a wonderful thick consistency...

Served with our seeds and some crusty bread, and a lovely swirl of cream on top...

Nomnomnom. Very good.
I also made carrot and coriander with the leftover cream & fresh coriander (about 6 carrots, boiled then hand blended, with half an onion and then a handful of chopped coriander and about half a carton of cream). A bag of carrots (about 12!) for 30p from Morrisons....good old Mozzas. I enjoyed the C&C more, actually.

Another celebration? Some Thursday outfits. (Not me though! Ana, Thomas & Aaron...)

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mam said...

Ooo that looks scrummy! I love how you just have a go and see what you end up with :D. C and C sounds lovely - might have a go of that meself :D