Thursday, 3 September 2009


There's a placement opportunity, based in Heaton, for a trend prediction company.
It would be until the end of the year, 3 days a week, unpaid but within walking distance of me, so...yknow. It involves travelling, and industry experience, and writing for their blog (!!!!!), and I really want to apply.


it would mean not going to Europe, which I really, really, really, want to do.

I wonder, if they'll perhaps still be looking when I come back?
Fingers are crossed.
I think perhaps I shall email our placement tutor and ask her what she thinks....


mam said...

Apply!!! You can travel when you finish Uni! xx

jenn said...

well you would say that, but with what money will i be travelling when i leave uni? this is the only time ill have money and free time, as i see it.

mam said...

You might not actually get the job, so apply!! It will look better for future employment on your CV.

Bryan :D said...

Is it even a fashion placement??? It sounded pretty general to me but maybe I didn't read it properly? I dunno lol

jenn said...

Hmm well its a prediction company, and they have a blog which they expect you to write for, so it's kinda interesting. Alls I know is, I don't have to move and its something I'm vaguely interested in...good to have other things on my CV ^_^ xx