Friday, 28 August 2009

Soup, Soup; A-Tasty Soup

3rd in my list of "favourite things everrr" (after the world of Fashion, and Lost) is cooking. And food, obviously.
Not to step on LUXIRARE's toes (because I'm not in the habit of baking pie-pops, however amazing they look), here is a post about some soup, complete with dodgy cameraphone pics! (still no camera....)

The infamous spice box - I usually just throw whatever I feel like into the pan. Coriander goes in everything. Chilli powder finds it's way into most dishes (despite me not being a fan of spicy food, particularly...). Always salt and pepper; but they aren't kept in the box. And garlic - my, I do love garlic.

My vegetables - carrots, parsnips, potatoes and red onion. Also peas, but they're from the the freezer. All cut up small and such.

Water, chicken & vegetable stock cubes, herbs. I usually make soup when I have a chicken carcas to use for the stock, but I left it too long and it had gone off a bit, so stock cubes it is. Ho hum.

I decided dumplings were in order. Which I guess makes this more of a stew than a soup.

This is like 'Dumplings; this is your life'.
I enjoy how oddly shaped and tiny they are, they're supposed to be bite-sized. Like dough-y croutons.

Adding the onions and peas, and some more water. Colourful!
Left to simmer til the veggies were all reallly soft and the soup was thick enough. I like a thick soup much the same as I like a thick gravy. Mmmm.

Good eatin'.

Well, that was informative. If you enjoy such wildly non-fashion posts, do tell. I cook a lot, I shall do more "here's some food, isn't it making you hungry" type posts. I think I'll borrow Luke's camera next time though, cameraphone pics are dire. Especially from my ollllld phone...

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mam said...

hahahahahahahaha at the detail you have shown never used to like stew at home. Tut.