Tuesday, 25 August 2009

A Jumble Of Words, Quite Frankly.

I left the house today!
Let's rejoice.

There should be more pictures of coffee/danish combos on blogs. Fashion blogs are at oversaturation at best, I feel. Plus, danishes are awesome. (Although, much as I adore Intermezzo, Cafe 1001's danishes are, like, 1000 times better. Another reason I miss That London. Sigh.)

I am now muchly looking forward to Europe, and my return to London (even if just for the weekend, likely in late October) - I miss wor Bailey! And Brick Lane, and Camden, and walking around the city! Argh.
London summers are highly underrated.
Is that a paradox? Highly underrated.
I do not know.

Aaron will know. If you read this, Aaron, do comment.

On a separate note, I can no longer learn Italian seriously, because every time I read "come sta?", I am reminded of Ben Stiller in Anchorman, which was on TV last week.

3 words.
"Come sta, bitches!"

I'm aware he's spanish in this. Mexican. Latino. Whatever. Not Italian, anyways.

I want my camera back.
I want to take photos again!
Especially of awesome outfits such as the one I have on today...

I want a certain boy to text me occasionally!
I want more money.
I want to give my liver a rest, but keep drinking. THIS is surely a paradox.
I think.

Maybe I should look up the word paradox.

I wrote this blog post on a number of post-its as I attempted to revise the Italian I'd already learnt, ate a danish and drank a mocha outside Intermezzo. Fact.


mam said...

You're going to Europe??? Why do I not know this?? I feel all left out. I dislike not knowing your plans.

jenn said...

you well did know about it, you were begging me not to go on my own...

mam said...

I was not begging you at all, I said I'd prefer you to have someone to go with you, and that was when you hoped to have some money, as in working for 8 weeks prior to going. As you've not done that I assumed you'd dropped the idea.

GiddyStrats said...

i adore the previous conversation.
perhaps not a paradox,
but a mere conflict of interests

an oxymoron.