Friday, 3 July 2009

Resort 2010; Part Four

More favourites - only one part left after this!!

3.1 Phillip Lim

I like my collections either wearable or completely mental and unwearable. I'm not so sold on things that are technically wearable - that to me means you just haven't gone all out crazy; it's a bit half-arsed. Go mental or don't bother, mmmkay?
So here, all the boxes are ticked for me: It's wearable but chic, and the neutrals and grey tones (♥) look ace. The lace in the first look is reminiscent of Prada A/W 08, but the shapes are much more *now* with the cropped shape of the tee; and it's cute without being twee. I like the mix of polka dot sizes in the last look, too.
I find mixing patterns can be too much sometimes...I'm a simple girl at heart, give me block colours and fabric manipulation over print and patterns any day...but a mix of sizes/directions in simple prints is something I whole-heartedly endorse.

Jenni Kayne


'nuff said.

Jonathan Saunders

What did I say about colour blocking and simple prints?
What I like here is the technique - printing the same print onto 2 layers, the top layer being a sheer one, and laying them on top of each other, making the print blurred and change when it overlays the black. Or white, in the case of the first dress; which is where you can see this technique properly.
Bailey went for an interview at Saunders; fact.
She didnt get it. :(. But she's getting paid at John Lewis now so it all works out, ey?


I never thought I'd see the day I loved a Versace collection. Or in fact, any of those Italian brands which were massive in the 90s and often with a side order of tacky. Although I suppose the likes of Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana have upped the classy in recent years so why I'm so suprised I'm not sure.*
Anyhoo, the shorts are AWESOME. Another on the 'I might make a version' list. Except I'm going with a tan pair, as some sort of melding of them with the ones from Preen (below). And I love the bright prints! I don't think I'd wear them, but I do like them.


I will always have space to write about Preen. I find there's something to love in every collection; resort 2010 is no exception. The first look is one I can see myself in; if it weren't for that pesky lack of money...

Richard Nicoll

In some ways, continuing from where A/W 09 left off - the seaming on the first look in particularly. The third dress is, in many ways, my perfect easy day dress. Colour blocking in my favourite colour palette of nude grey and blue? I'll take three. It's the simple chic here that I really like. I'm not sold on the fringed scarf though.

I always state, often loudly, that there's a fine line between style and looking like you're wearing a costume (this applies to vintage too), and if you don't accessorise every outfit with attitude, you might as well just be wearing an old sweat stained jogging suit**.
This may or may not explain why I can often be found strutting - rather than walking - down the street.


*This reminds me of a lecture we had last year in which our tutor compared the fashion capitals with the characters of Sex & The City.

Carrie was London - quirky; not afraid to try new things; individual.
Miranda was New York - simple and clean, chic, yet business-ready.
Charlotte was Paris - classic; elegant; feminine...
And of course Samantha was Milan - loud, sexy and often a little brash. I believe how she described the Milanese sense of style was akin to "women of a certain age wearing bright, figure hugging styles to recapture their youth". Or something.
Anyway, since I watched the entire series while in London, I was noticing their clothes and she has a point. You watch Samantha's outfits. Loud, sexy and often a little brash is a pretty accurate description of her wardrobe.
And her, actually. In fact, all their wardrobe descriptions could also match their personalities....interesting.

** Obviously, this is not a good look.

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