Saturday, 18 December 2010


as in these photos are blurry
not as in the britpop band

last couple of weeks of term; busybusy. not my main excuse for not blogging though (computer problems and having nothing of note to post, since you're asking. never fear, i have a new hard drive and everything is back as it should be, and i am definitely still wearing clothes so both are covered.)

here is an outfit.

ebayed bowler hat+jacket//zara jumper//primark belt//trousers off of placement//army+navy store shoes

plus gloves, plus scarf, minus bike. stupid ice and snow; i've had it out about 3 times in as many weeks; my calves are no longer CALVESOFSTEEEEEEL. boohissboo.

i shall now catch up on a few days of unread posts on my feedreader, while sipping Baileys hot chocolate. tomorrow is fake christmas, and also musicals day, so more of the same, yes?

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