Monday, 7 June 2010


yeah; no proper post today, but a few notes.

1: I'm off to York, then Isle of Wight fest (incase you hadn't noticed) tomorrow, for a week, so i'll be quiet on all fronts. Maybe the odd tweet. Unless I find things that I must write about in the next 24 hours; in which case, scheduled posts may arise!

2: Bloglovin' followers; I do apologise. There's a new page for you to follow since you can't change the url on old pages...

Follow venturess.

3: I think I'm done updating? The only thing I haven't glanced through is my blog roll. I've been reading the same ones for ages (did add House of Harps recently, though. Check her out; vintage fabulousness and a love of headscarves, which I am quite the fan of these days), and I'd like some recommendations....
I read a lot more than a link on here, but there are hundreds upon hundreds of blogs out there so post me your favourites and I'll give 'em a look-see.

4: Northumbria got a bit o' coverage on fashion 156 here :D

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