Saturday, 1 May 2010


Black boots for day, flats for gig, different black boots for club.
This would be the day version... (white pumps for gig, black snakeskin ASOS boots for club. Me favourite shoes, them. I think. ASOS tend to do good shoes, non? I should check them out more. I think I need a shoe clean out and a new batch of shoes, and I definitely need to stop buying cheap shoes.)

thrifted top//american apparel skirt/dress//priceless boots+hat//H&M necklace//primark belt//topshop ring

Full on loving the stripe top.
Also the robber hat. It's a good look; I shan't doubt BraceLuke ever again.
Don't tell him that.

Nearly finished my flat drawings - hiphop & Usher are helping me though, WOULD YOU BELIEVE?!

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