Thursday, 15 April 2010


Incase you haven't noticed, I'm proper into bigass jewellery right now...
Big; chunky; plastic; metal - anything, as long as it is massive and statement making*.

This may be where etsy store superclovers come in - they have lots of kitsch, graphic, superhero/graffiti/street inspired pieces, and below are my absolute favourites. A huge graphic black&white lightning bolt ring; a perspex and chain ear...hook?; and a glasses chain which I would be all over if I wore glasses.
Sometimes I damn my 20/20 vision; I proper suit certain pairs of glasses....

*as a sidenote, I am also currently into trousers with blouses as a look...and I can't take my new chambray shirt off. JUST FYI.

north-based bloggers! Rach is organising a North-East (and Yorkshire and South Scotland...) meet up some time soon; y'all should @ her on Twitter if you'd want to come meet us. Pretty sure it's not just for north-based folk, though, in the sense that if you can get to Newcastle (or York, but I think Newc is more likely...) you should definitely come join in!

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Pearl Westwood said...

Oh I could make York!