Tuesday, 27 April 2010

crazy eyes

This post has been a long time in the making.
In the sense that I cba'd to take photos and stuff. But I got round to it yesterday! And mighty glad I did.
Warning: there are a shitload of photos here.

So, this picture was on Yvan Rodic a month or so ago, and I fell in love with the makeup. That's something I look out for, on catwalks, in lookbooks, on streetstyle sites. Style is one... faction of influence, makeup is another. An interesting makeup detail can elevate a plain outfit.
All this is a round about way of saying I had a bash at this look myself, and LOVED the results.

I very rarely wear heavy eye makeup. Mascara is a must, and I trytrytry with eyeliner - my mac pot is the best I've used, but still, it eventually wears away. So, last time I did a makeup post, my friend Hana recommended I try this primer from Urban Decay.
It's £11, which is steep for a tiny bottle, but it's genius. And it makes looks like this much more possible to me. And you, y'know, if you have a problem with running eye makeup! It'll at least stop your eyeshadow running down your face.
So, this is what I used:

Rather than go full on black, I started with a moss-y green base, a Collection 2000 cream shadow I've had for YEARS, since last time I went through a moss-y green/khaki phase. (Think I'm back in said phase now. FYI.) - applied with the sponge tip brush....thing, all up the length of the shape I want.
Follows by black powder from this palette. Also ancient. It's the one in the top right corner. Applied with the fat gold brush, all over the green base.
Then a little mac liner, applied with the other end of the sponge tip brush top the top lash line and up into the eye socket a little.

Pretty sweetass, non?
Just while we're on the subject of eyes, these false eyelashes from Paperself are amazing - intricate, delicate, and made of paper.

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mam said...

Your skin looks like porcelain on that closeup :D

Kylie said...

Whoa, I actually really like this A LOT!! We're both primer potion newbies I see, I'll try mine out today and see if it makes a difference. I usually just put my foundation lightly on my eyelids as well and that holds up fine, but since everyone is crazy about this product I just had to buy it for myself, haha. Looking hot my dear!