Saturday, 13 March 2010

i did a dance for you...with SCARVES

I was totally into the scarf top/drapey-ness/adornment/thing at Issey Miyake AW10 (too lazy to sort pics, etc), and figured HEY, I COULD RECREATE THIS, YEAH?
And so can you!
Well. You'll need a shitload of knitwear, but it's do-able. Luckily for me, I have 2 ready made, 3-metre-long+tassles on each end; made myself; couple o' years old type affairs.
Pinned em together at one end; wrapped them around self (with basic black vest top underneath for decency, you understand) and wapped a few safety pins+bird brooch in and around 'em to keep the shape together.

If you don't happen to have a couple of really long scarves at your disposal, now is the time to hit up yer local charity shops. Grab a few scarves. Multicoloured, patterned, all of the above. Pin 'em together. Wrap. Strut. Simples.

2xDIYd scarves//H&M vest+skirt+tights+jacket//vintage Lagerfeld loafers//vintage bird brooch//thrifted blazer

Also totally into the 2 jackets look this week. Cos it's getting warmer; ever so slightly; but it's not summer yet. Nor spring, really. 2 jackets though. Keeps me warm; gives me major shoulders; AND is easy to disassemble if the heat gets too much. Also? The double popped collar. Oh yeahhhh.

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