Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Speaking of Givenchy...

I wasn't going to do any Couture posts, mostly because you can awe over them as much as you want; you'll never afford them.
Anyway, while couture is all nice and theatrical and interesting, ready-to-wear has just as much influence on the direction of fashion now anyway, so it's a bit of a dying art. Officially, couture exists only to sell perfume and cosmetics, which is where designers make most of their money.
At least that's what we were taught in guidance in first year.

I am breaking this rule purely because Givenchy was stunning.

Black, white, red, gold, silver.
Sheer. Metallic.
The sheer houndstooth on the last dress!
The red stones on the illusion netting on the 5th look, so it looks like theyre on your skin!
That gold chain top!
The white and gold jacket in the 9th look! (I covet thee.)
And above all, the 3rd look, with your drapey but sculptural cream top morphing to red fluttery lushness, accessorised with strappy arm bands in what looks like leather; or at least something just as beautifully chunky...


shall be posting more - I would blame the placement report but in all honesty I only started it yesterday. I blame Farm Town and french films.

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