Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Ode to... meredithwaterstraat on Etsy

I don't remember quite how I stumbled across this Etsy shop, but meredithwaterstraat's customised boots are more than a tad sexy.

Taking inspiration from Ann Demeluemeester (ahhh the boots! ♥ The beautiful booooots!) et al, she transforms tired old-fashioned boots into cut-out-and-laced-up beauties, and I realllly want a pair, but can't decide which colour to get, or whether to wait and see if a new style with a different heel or shape pops up...eep!

Actually, the ones I really wanted seem to have disappeared from the store, and aren't in the sold items list - they weren't lace up (le gasp!), but had a cut out toe and heel, and were cream with a chunky heel. Oof.

This being Etsy, all sizes are US sizes, but to top off the AWESOMENESS, said customised boots are only $30 a pop, plus delivery.

Also, her profile page informs me it's her birthday tomorrow, so despite the fact that I meant to post about this so long ago now, it's probably fitting that I waited. Do check it out if you have time, as the shop also has a bunch of handmade jewellery and some art, if you're into that kind of thing.

Me? I just like shoes.

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